Clarification and disinfection in a single stage

Ultrafiltration allows the complete removal of suspended solids present in a raw water (clarification), and this purely by a mechanical filtration process, as the largest membrane pores are still definitely smaller than the smallest suspended solids (fine sand, silt, clay or any other element) : a crystal clear water is guaranteed.

Ultrafiltration also enables the complete removal of microorganisms from a raw water by means of the same mechanical filtration process and represents therefore a disinfection of this water. No chemical agent (such as chlorine or ozone) needs to be added, which avoids the danger of producing potentially cancerous disinfection by-products.


Ultrafiltration can treat very troubled waters (with turbidity peaks superior to 100 NTU). This advantage, proof both of the reliability and of the robustness of the process, results from the possibility of maintaining a cross-flow regime at the membrane surface, which limits the formation of a filter cake on the membrane surface.

The ultrafiltration process provides drinking water with a constant quality, independent from the raw water quality, energy consumption is low at approximately 0.1 kWh per m3 of treated water.

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