Membratec ultrafiltration

A “home-made” well-proven process

All Membratec plants are not only meant to offer the well-known advantages of ultrafiltration (clarification and disinfection in one single stage), but also provide the clients with a simple, reliable and low-maintenance plant, so that the daily needs of the consumers can be successfully met by keeping operating costs at a low level.

In order to achieve this important aim, Membratec has developed its own process, which ideally integrates the different hydraulic components of the treatment plant in a fully automatic operating system, requiring only routine controls.

The main characteristics of the Membratec process are:

Feature Advantage

Polyethersulfone membrane

Performing and robust material, offering a high flux, tolerating chlorine and a wide pH scale.

Fully automatic operation

Autonomous operation, only requires routine controls.

Modules under pressure, in vertical position

Limited required space, individual (dis-) assembly, easy purge (air and water).

Possibility of cross-flow filtration

Operation possible even with high turbidity, good mixing of cleaning chemicals.

Operation dependent upon raw water quality

Autonomous operation, reduced risk of membrane fouling, minimised consumption of chemical agents.

Operation dependent upon demand

Continuous and smoothed operation, optimised energy consumption.

Automatic cleaning in place system, with integrated neutralisation

Autonomous operation, assurance of production capacity, respect for the environment.

Backwash without chemicals

Minimised consumption of chemical agents, respect for the environment, only a small quantity of waste water possibly requiring treatment.

Automatic integrity test

Assurance of the treatment quality, easy identification of a possibly damaged membrane fibre.

Extended guarantee on membranes

Assurance of a long-term reliable operation.


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